Suspect Arrested After Killing KSU Student with Handgun

( – Samuel Harris, 21, of Cairo stands charged in the murder of Alasia Franklin after she was shot and killed during a dispute on the campus of Kennesaw State University in Georgia on Saturday, May 18th. Witnesses reported hearing gunfire and finding Franklin bleeding on the ground shortly thereafter. Harris was arrested without incident the following day.

There is still no motive or clear explanation for the circumstances that led to her death. What is known is that Harris is not a student at KSU and the weapon used was a handgun.

Friend Anthony Harrison said that Franklin was known for her determination and willingness to speak out for others. She was characterized as caring and courageous and was studying to be a nurse practitioner. Harrison expressed his deepest sympathies to the family.

Another friend of Franklin’s, Taliyah Smith, said that Alasia frequently talked about her family and that they were very close. She called their relationship a blessing in comments to the press.

The campus was hurled into a lockdown on Saturday afternoon around 4 p.m. after reports of gunfire and someone being shot. The violence is not new to KSU student Trevor Morgan, who explained to the press that they had a lockdown just a few months ago after violent criminals stole an Uber and used it to drive to the campus. Morgan lamented he couldn’t do anything about the crime as he still needed to attend classes.

KSU offered counseling and other psychological resources for its students, should anyone seek it. Stores in the area were also closed briefly after the shooting until it was clear there was no further likelihood of violence.

Local KSU graduate Katya Klimov said the crime is nothing new and that violent crime happens regularly in the area. She graduated last year and explained that she didn’t go out at night while at school due to safety concerns.

Police are working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations to establish a clear timeline of events and motive for the murder.

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