Students in Pennsylvania Stage Protest Against Bathroom Rule

( – Most on the right would likely agree that the perceived widespread public acceptance of LGBTQ indoctrination has been massively inflated by a liberal media establishment. A recent student walkout at a Pennsylvania High School by students protesting their district’s transgender bathroom policy would appear to confirm this.

The event outside Perkiomen Valley High was filmed by attendees and it didn’t include your usual two dozen or so pious students that one might see praying together around their flag pole. Hundreds and hundreds of students participated. The extensive scale of the protest was absolutely undeniable.

A reported 300+ students walked out of class on September 15th after their district board declined to follow through on a new policy that would have forced students who identify as transgender to use bathrooms that correspond with the gender listed on their birth certificates.

At the board meeting that preceded the walkout, the district’s superintendent cited their policy and said that “it calls out gender identification as a protected class.” Barbara Russell then went on to reference an “unfortunate incident” that had happened about a week before in which a female student said she had encountered a man in her school bathroom.

The superintendent indicated that the incident was not a sufficient reason to alter district policy and appeared to convey that it had led to an unwarranted “social media” frenzy. After the female student in question reported the event to her father, the family complained to the district. They were reportedly told by officials that their daughter could use a “single user” bathroom if she felt uncomfortable using the bathroom in the presence of trans students.

John Ott, the student who put the walkout together, told Fox that his student body was “upset” and “wanted to protect” their female classmates. His mother said the district’s desire to protect trans students “should be condemned” and would inevitably lead to safety problems in the women’s bathrooms, as it has elsewhere.

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