State SCOTUS Justice Accuses Liberals of Overreach

( – The chief justice of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court has accused the Court’s new liberal majority of judicial overreach after it voted to immediately fire the director of the state’s court system, a conservative, on the second day of taking power.

The move represents the first time in 15 years that the state Supreme Court has been under a liberal and not conservative majority. Chief Justice Annette Ziegler, now a member of the three-justice conservative minority, condemned the decision to fire fellow conservative judge Randy Koschnick from the director job.

Ziegler said that her disappointment in her colleagues was an “understatement,” and called the sudden move unauthorized and procedurally and legally flawed. However, Ziegler also said that she would not attempt to stop it out of fear of what the liberal majority might do when it comes to firing other conservative judges within the state’s court system. She said further that she fears this is “only the beginning.”

Koschnick called his firing “apparently political,” and that the decision most likely “portends” the liberal majority’s future bad decision making. The Court announced Wednesday, August 2 that Audrey Skwierawski, a Milwaukee County circuit court judge, will take over as interim director of the state’s court system, taking temporary leave of her current position in the circuit court.

Ziegler also called the move hypocritical, citing the then-conservative majority’s leniency when firing court system personnel when it first took control in 2008. She noted that the court system director at the time, John Voelker, served for six more years before eventually resigning.

The director of the state’s court system is responsible for hiring new court personnel, as well as ensuring that all the courts have viable computer systems to use. Chief Justice Ziegler praised former court system director Koschnick for his six years of service in the position, as well as his 18 years of service as a judge. She also applauded him for prioritizing the mental health of court system employees while on the job.

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