State of Emergency Declared after Catastrophic Storm

( – A series of catastrophic storms and tornadoes over the evening of March 11th have left parts of Ohio devastated. Gov. Mike DeWine (R) declared a state of emergency for 11 counties across the state. The order activated state agencies to disburse supplies, personnel, and other aid to residents who were impacted by the storms. DeWine also activated the Ohio National Guard to help facilitate the clearing of debris in Logan County.

One elderly couple in Lakeview is determined to rebuild after a tornado damaged their home. Ben and Nancy Pile survived the storm by hiding in a bathroom shower stall. Nancy suggested it was “one of the worst days” of her life, explaining that her brother had passed away earlier on the same day that their home was destroyed. She said that they did not expect the tornado to cause such damage.

Ben Pile explained how the local neighborhood came together afterward and how he’s been giving and receiving help from locals. He said he believed that they could save the home and would be rebuilding over the next few weeks. Nancy Pile suggested that her faith in God would help her move forward. Local fire departments have also issued requests for tarps, work gloves, portable heaters, and other items.

A tornado in Mercer County also destroyed a mobile home with three people inside. Megan and Randy Winemiller described the “scary situation” to WDTN News.

While Randy and Megan weren’t home at the time, their two sons and Megan’s elderly mother were. Randy Winemiller said that the 88-year-old woman survived with a broken pelvis and neighbors had to pull her out from the wrecked trailer. They said it was a miracle she was alive. The two sons suffered minor injuries.

The system that spawned those storms also wreaked havoc across many central US states including Kentucky, Indiana, and Arkansas. Tens of thousands lost power, and three people were killed. A medical center in Logan County said they were treating over two dozen injuries after the tornadoes.

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