State Department Advises “Worldwide Caution” as Tensions Rise

( – The State Department issued a worldwide cautionary alert on Thursday, October 19th due to increased international tensions surrounding the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. Citizens are advised to “exercise increased caution” as the potential for terrorists or protesters to engage in violent anti-American activity has spiked around the world due to American authorities backing Israel in the conflict.

Protests have turned violent at U.S. and Israeli embassies all over the world. There have been documented violent attacks in many African and Middle Eastern countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, and Bahrain.

A deadly explosion at a hospital in Gaza further exacerbated the propaganda campaigns on both sides as Hamas and Israel both refused to accept responsibility for the attack that resulted in hundreds of dead civilians who were attempting to escape the bombing by seeking refuge in the hospital’s parking lot.

Israel claims they intercepted communications indicating Islamic Jihad, an independent Palestinian terrorist organization was responsible for firing a rocket that failed to reach its target. Independent analysis from Al Jazeera and others, however, has brought forth information suggesting Israel was responsible.

President Biden sided with Israel and its claims, saying that the U.S. military also agreed that Israel wasn’t responsible for the attack.

The State Department initially raised travel advisories for Israel and the occupied territories under Palestinian control to “do not travel” after the October 7th Hamas rocket attacks and ground assaults on Israeli settlements in the south of the country. On October 19th they added Lebanon to the list, which is on Israel’s northern border.

Israeli and Lebanon-based Hezbollah have been exchanging fire for the last week or so. Over a dozen people have been killed in the fighting since the war began. Hezbollah is backed by Iran and maintains military autonomy in Lebanon. Israel has also recently bombed Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt in its campaign against Hamas.

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