Speaker Johnson Blames Mayorkas for Deliberately Causing Border Crisis

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Speaker of the House Mike Johnson told CBS host Margaret Brennan that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is “intentionally” creating policies that have led to the historic influx of illegal aliens into the U.S.

Johnson said there needs to be accountability for Mayorkas’ failure to secure the border. The Speaker joined a group of Republican lawmakers to visit the border in the first week of January. He said the border crisis has many components, including the trafficking of women and children for illicit purposes, and an alarming increase in the number of single, adult men crossing the border. Anyone who has a conscience and who saw what the border delegation saw would “demand that it stop,” Johnson said.

And it’s not “incompetence” on Mayorkas’ part, Johnson claims. Instead, the Speaker believes the Secretary is deliberately enabling this crisis. Johnson said Republicans have thoroughly investigated the situation and Mayorkas’ part in it, and they’ve determined he is responsible, and that he must be impeached. Describing Mayorkas as an “abject failure,” Johnson claimed Mayorkas has “done this intentionally” through conscious policy decisions to allow unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens into the U.S.

The Speaker said Republicans are gearing up to impeach the Homeland Security Secretary in the coming weeks.

Johnson made his statements to Brennan on the show she hosts, CBS’ “Face The Nation.” Unsurprisingly in the modern era in which nearly all the mainstream media appear to see themselves as partisan protectors of the Democratic Party, Brennan appeared to want to give cover to Mayorkas. Reacting to Johnson’s plans to impeach the Secretary, Brennan asked, “Don’t you need the help” of the Secretary “instead of trying to impeach him?”

Johnson shot back, saying lawmakers have been pressing Mayorkas to “do his job since he gained office,” but the Secretary has “done exactly the opposite.” Moreover, Johnson claimed that Mayorkas had repeatedly been dishonest in his testimony before Congress.

Unsatisfied, Brennan again pushed back, seeming to suggest that it was the fault of lawmakers if Mayorkas were not doing his job. Why use Congressional resources for an impeachment instead of “dealing with the actual issues here on the ground,” she asked.

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