Sources Claim Russia Was Warned Before Moscow Attack

( – The dramatic attack by gunmen at the Crocus Concert Hall in Moscow which resulted in the deaths of 144 people may have been known about in advance, according to some sources who issued warnings ahead of time.

Three sources are reporting to Reuters that Iran had given Russia a heads-up about a potential mass attack by terrorists at some point in advance of the operation. The attack was the deadliest act of terrorism inside Russia in two decades, and ISIS claimed responsibility.

The U.S. also reportedly warned Russia in advance, the Russians countered that the information was too vague and did not indicate who the suspects were nor what venue they were targeting. Russian officials suggested that Western intelligence agencies were behind the attacks and specifically credited Ukraine, the UK, and the U.S. as complicit without providing specific evidence.

The sources reported that Iranian interrogations of suspected terrorists yielded the possibility of a large terrorist attack in Moscow just days before it occurred. They claimed to have acquired the information from one of the suspects in a recent series of bombings inside Iran. ISIS also took responsibility for those attacks.

Thirty-five people were busted in Iran in January in the aftermath of bombing attacks on January 3rd. Just under 100 people were killed in those attacks, which were also claimed by ISIS. ISIS was largely defeated in 2017, but this new branch is affiliated with ISIS-K and is considered one of the more vicious subgroups of the Islamic State.

Another source suggested that the information provided to Moscow from Tehran was also too vague to stop the attack.

The attackers were identified as Tajikistan nationals, in the past Tajik mercenaries have been frequently used in conflicts on that side of the world. The attackers were arrested by Russian security en route to the Ukrainian border which has largely been cited as evidence of Ukrainian involvement by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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