Sixteen-Year-Old Sentenced To 50 Years for Shooting Five-Year-Old

( – A baby-faced 16-year-old boy was sentenced to fifty years behind bars for a litany of criminal charges, including shooting a five-year-old girl during a drive-by shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Members of the community were happy to see him punished and locked up after a court was told that treatment made no difference in his psychopathic antisocial behavior.

Noah Ney was tried as an adult for the 2022 shooting when he was just 15 years old. The pint-sized teenager stands at just 4’9” tall, but family and prosecutors told the tale of a boy who was constantly in trouble, threatening neighbors and family with guns and knives.

The sentence was handed down just two months following Ney’s attempted escape from a juvenile facility where he had flooded his cell and smeared excrement on the walls. He was able to scale a fence with another inmate and was temporarily on the run. Officers caught up with him a few days later outside a convenience store after a concerned citizen identified him and phoned in a tip to police.

Assistant Tulsa County District Attorney Morgan Medders said she had a pile of treatment records “thicker than a dictionary” that indicated Ney was not receptive to treatment. He either rejected the attempt outright or used it as an opportunity to hurt the people trying to help him.

Ney had a prior record stretching back to his early teenage years. His father is also a repeat felon. The court was told that the shooting at the home where the 5-year-old girl was injured was an initiation into a local gang, the Hoover Crips. The young girl was playing inside her home when Ney drove by in a stolen vehicle and fired at the house. Emergency medical said that the bullet was inches away from killing the girl.

Ney was sentenced to fifty years behind bars with the caveat that there would be a judicial review in five years. Should Ney be able to convince the judge that he’s capable of remorse and becoming a productive member of society, she may reconsider his lengthy sentence and reduce it at that time.

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