Shocking Details Emerge as Freed Hamas Hostages Speak Out

Hands of a missing kidnapped, abused, hostage, victim woman tied up with rope in emotional stress and pain, afraid, restricted, trapped, call for help, struggle, terrified, locked in a cage cell.

( – Some of the 58 freed hostages returned by Hamas have begun to speak out and share some of the gruesome details of their harrowing experiences. They spent nearly two months in captivity, but thankfully are most in good condition despite the traumatic experience.

A relative of Keren and Ruth Munder claimed the pair were fed inconsistently and only given rice and bread. They lost weight as a consequence of being held in captivity for so long. They also reported sleeping on chairs they pushed together in an area described as an office building and would wait hours to access bathroom facilities.

Adva Adar said her 85-year-old grandmother Yaffa Adar had also lost weight during captivity. The family was elated to discover her alive, suspecting she had been killed in the attacks.

This batch of hostages also included 18 foreigners, most of whom were Thai citizens.

85-year-old Yocheved Lipschitz was released before the current round and she reported at the time she was held captive that the hostages had been treated relatively well, with access to medical care and a meal consisting of cheese, pita, and cucumber which was also the same food the captors ate.

Eyal Nouri reported his aunt, Adina Moshe, 72, had to adapt to sunlight again as she had been held underground for weeks in relative darkness.

Doctors have advised the hostages may need psychological counseling to process their trauma, and Israel obliged, making appropriate counselors available to all the newly released hostages.

Most hostages have been healthy and able to walk, 84-year-old Alma Abraham was rushed to Israel’s Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba due to a life-threatening condition. Medical authorities said she had a preexisting problem that wasn’t properly treated during her captivity.

Israel has killed at least 13,300 Palestinians in its bombing campaign and ground war against Hamas in Gaza. The Palestinian health authorities report that most of those were women and children non-combatants. Hamas is criticized for hiding behind civilian human shields.

The four-day ceasefire was set to expire on Monday, November 27th, however, they agreed to extend it for two additional days while freeing more prisoners and hostages. The agreement saw the release of 50 Israelis and others in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners being held in Israel. Most of those prisoners were women or children, and many weren’t convicted of a crime.

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