Senior Hamas Official Killed in Israeli Airstrike

( – A senior leader in Hamas was killed with three others in an Israeli airstrike on a school in Gaza City three months ago, according to Palestinian authorities. Ehab Al-Ghussein was appointed to manage the city’s affairs just a few days before being assassinated by the Israeli military. They justified the killings by claiming they were attacking a terrorist base. They additionally claimed they minimized the potential for civilian casualties.

Eyewitnesses reported the bombing of the Holy Family School which was in the western part of Gaza City. The corporate press reported that many people were sheltering in the building during the attack. Two classrooms on the ground floor were particularly targeted.

Al-Ghussein was a labor minister in Hamas before becoming an interior spokesman and then manager for the city. His death isn’t seen as militarily significant as he had no role in military affairs, but he was considered one of many rising stars in Hamas and a potential future boss.

Israel has regularly assassinated members of Hamas, viewing them as terrorist insurgents while attempting to negotiate a ceasefire agreement. The negotiations have been ongoing for months and both sides accuse each other of intentional delays or misrepresenting their willingness to pursue peace.

Last November, an Israeli air strike took out a deputy culture minister and speaker for a legislative council who were both in Hamas.

Israel also recently issued a new evacuation order for Gaza City forcing hundreds to flee the Bani Amer district with locals reporting caravans heading west to avoid the fighting. Local resident Ibrahim Al-Barbari said that word is circulating among locals that they should be prepared to evacuate, and many aren’t waiting for the military’s say-so.

Al-Barbari highlighted that his five children, wife, sister, and mother were all under his care and enduring starvation conditions as a consequence of the fighting.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has resisted calls for a permanent cease-fire, arguing for the complete destruction of Hamas as a prerequisite for the security of the Zionist state.

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