Senator Murkowski Takes Stand Against Trump and Biden

( – Alaska’s Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski said she cannot cast her vote for either of the two front-runners in the upcoming presidential election. Murkowski said she “could not” vote for Donald Trump, and that “I can’t vote for Biden.”

The Senator endorsed Republican former UN Ambassador and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley instead. However, following poor performance on Super Tuesday, Haley opted to withdraw from the presidential race on Wednesday, March 6th.

Murkowski called Haley a candidate with the right “values” and “judgment” to be the next U.S. president.

Trump defeated Haley by wide margins in states across the country. Super Tuesday primary voting seems this year to be just a formality for both Democrats and Republicans. Although Haley previously said she would stay in the race at least through Super Tuesday, there was little chance that she would beat Trump, her lone Republican challenger since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dropped out of the race.

Trump maintained a wide lead over Haley and beat her by 30 percentage points in her home state of South Carolina last week (60 percent to 40 percent). In Nevada’s recent primary, the “none” option on the ballot got more votes than Haley took.

By contrast, Trump has already picked up primary victories in South Carolina, Nevada, Iowa, Michigan, and New Hampshire, to name a few.

Nationally, polling firm FiveThirtyEight put Trump at 76 percent compared to Haley’s 15 percent.

And despite growing recognition—even among likely Democratic voters—that President Joe Biden has serious age-related cognitive decline, the Democratic party seems intent on keeping him as their candidate.

Undaunted by the numbers, Alaska’s Murkowski urged other Republican voters not to “quit” on Haley. She claimed America could do better than a repeat of the 2020 election between Biden and Trump, and that Haley was the qualified candidate the country needs. It seems her confidence was misplaced.

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