Senator Menendez May Betray His Own Wife in Federal Corruption Trial

( – Embattled New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez (D) will likely blame his wife as part of his legal strategy at his trial for federal corruption and bribery incidents that he was involved with, according to recently unsealed legal documents.

Fox News is reporting that attorneys for Sen. Bob Menendez separated his case from his wife, Nadine Menendez, because they planned to introduce evidence in the form of text and email communications that implied his wife had more awareness of the bribery plots than he did. The Senator’s strategy seems to be playing ignorant while suggesting his wife (who has a separate trial coming up later) was the true criminal actor.

Both pleaded not guilty to obstruction of justice and bribery charges after hundreds of thousands in cash, gold, and a Mercedes were discovered at their residence as the result of “generous gifts.” Federal authorities claim the couple accepted regular gifts in exchange for the Senator’s influence in policy decisions pertaining to Egypt.

Nadine’s case was already parsed from her husband’s after she had an unexplained serious medical emergency. Her trial will begin in July while her husband’s begins in May.

The court filings suggest that the Senator’s legal team will attempt to craft the narrative that he was unaware of any illegal activities. He may even testify himself about communications that he had with his wife which may exculpate himself while suggesting she was withholding information.

The document outright states that the Senator “may elect to testify” regarding “communications with his wife” that reduce the appearance of impropriety on the part of the Senator. The document suggests that he may testify about the content of business dinners with Egyptian officials as well as the explanations given by his wife about the meetings. He may also testify that his wife misled him about the reasons for certain gifts and monetary items.

Commenters on X suggested the Senator messed up by not using extended family members as the recipients for bribes, “like Joe Biden does.”

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