Senate GOP Want Border Security as a Condition for More Ukraine Aid

( – If Senate Republicans have their way, President Joe Biden will be forced to tighten immigration policies before his administration gets any funding for their efforts in Ukraine. On November 6th, GOP legislators released a list of demands pertaining to the U.S. border that included a resumption of wall construction and the curtailing of what many in the nation feel are the administration’s lax asylum policies.

Shortly after Hamas’ October 7th incursion into Israel, the President began lobbying Congress for a joint $105 billion aid package that included funding for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and America’s immigration crisis. The White House requested that $14 billion of that sum be set aside for managing the inflow of illegal immigrants coming across the nation’s southern border.

Republicans in the House and Senate have balked at the President’s umbrella request and newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson suggested what he referred to as a “bifurcated” package with stringent stipulations. Johnson successfully pushed a $14.5 billion Israel-only bill through his chamber, though President Biden has indicated he will likely veto it.

Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim Lankford authored the latest proposal on Ukraine, though Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has not yet publicly indicated if he is on board with their plan. McConnell did however tell the Associated Press that he has discussed certain elements of a potential package, including border issues, with officials in the Biden administration.

The Republican leader told the AP that a White House willingness to clamp down at the U.S.-Mexico border would be the administration’s best chance at getting their much-needed GOP votes. At least 60 “yes” votes are required in order for legislation to make its way through the Senate.

McConnell has described the Ukraine negotiations as an opportunity “to deal with” the issue of immigration, which he says Republicans are desperate to tackle. CBS said the Graham-Lankford plan will impose “drastic limits on” migrants.

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