Schumer Dodges Mayorkas Impeachment Proceedings

( – Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas may have an important Senate ally in Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who won’t answer questions about whether he will schedule a Senate trial if Mayorkas is impeached in the House.

A Republican Committee has drawn up articles of impeachment against Mayorkas for, in their view, his refusal to carry out his statutory duties to control immigration. Since the beginning of the Joe Biden presidency, the country has seen a historic influx of illegal aliens across the border, to the tune of 6 million.

On January 31, the House Homeland Security Committee signed off on two articles of impeachment against the Secretary. Republicans charge him with deliberately failing to uphold immigrant statutes, and of lying to Congress. The full House has not yet taken up the articles, and it is not clear if it will. If the House does, it is also unknown if it will vote to impeach Mayorkas, but the majority of House Republicans are likely to vote for the articles. This may come as early as the first week of February.

The prospects of a Senate trial against the Homeland Security head are dimmer, as that chamber is controlled by Democrats. When asked by reporters if he would schedule a Senate impeachment trial if the House moves forward, Majority Leader Schumer would not give an answer. He offered only, “Let’s see what the House does”

While Republicans believe Mayorkas is willfully defying federal laws that require his department to control the border and stem the tide of illegal border jumpers, Democrats think he’s done nothing wrong. And that view comes from the top: Schumer said earlier the same day that there is “no evidence” Mayorkas has shirked his duties or done anything illegal.

Schumer was willing to get more specific during his floor speech than he was with the press. He said Republicans have not put forward any evidence of Mayorkas committing crimes, and characterized the likely House impeachment as “abusing the Constitution.” Schumer said the conservative attempt to impeach the Secretary was a “new, ignominious low.”

A report from The Hill claims Senate Democrats are likely to “bury” the impeachment proceedings, noting that even some Republicans are not on board with the effort to fire Mayorkas. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, though displeased with the Biden administration’s approach to immigration, called the effort “pure crap.”

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