Satan Club to Hold Event at Elementary School

( – A local elementary school in Tennessee has become the center of controversy for hosting an after-school club for kids sponsored by the Satanic Temple and the Reason Alliance. Chimneyrock Elementary in Memphis-Shelby County is legally bound to accommodate the “After School Satan Club,” on January 10th. No one is bound to attend, however, but perhaps leftists will encourage their kids to show up.

The hour-long event will run from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and a promotional flier boasts arts and crafts, snacks, community service, puzzles and games, and science experiments.

The event isn’t sponsored by the school at all, but they had to legally allow them to rent the space because they allow other religious organizations to do the same. The organizations behind the event are a left-leaning non-profit called the Reason Alliance, and the Satanic Temple.

The prior bills itself as an organization promoting reproductive rights, and advancing the interests of marginalized people. The latter is an officially recognized religious organization founded in 2013 that promotes individualism.

The Satanic Temple looks at Satan as a rebellious fictional character who rejects authoritarianism. They claim to promote compassion and empathy, the struggle for justice, bodily autonomy, freedom, and science. It has 47 chapters across the U.S.

A request for comment from Commercial Appeal got a response from district representatives. The statement elaborated they’re legally required to uphold the First Amendment and offer equal access to all religious organizations.

Another school recently settled a lawsuit and had to pay the Satanic Temple’s $200,000 legal bill after they blocked the organization from hosting an “After School Satan Club.” The Saucon Valley School District in Pennsylvania was forced to grant them access after realizing they weren’t going to win in court.

Some residents have called for all religious clubs to be canceled and Superintendent Toni Williams said she believed that was what the Satanic Temple ultimately wanted.

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