San Jose Police Officer Resigns After Racist Text Messages Exposed

( – A police officer on the San Jose police force has resigned following the revelation that he’s sent multiple racist text messages to colleagues in the past, including one that acknowledged his hatred of black people.

The text messages were exposed following an investigation into a 2022 shooting where the officer shot a then-20-year-old black college student who wrestled a handgun away from a criminal during a fight outside a taqueria.

K’aun Green was shot by McNamara in March 2022 after he wrestled a handgun from a perpetrator during a fight. McNamara arrived at the scene and saw Green backing out through a door at the taqueria with the gun in hand when he opened fire.

Officer Mark McNamara was named by the SJPD on Friday, November 3rd in a statement in which San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata said they had zero tolerance for racial bias in their ranks.

The employee with whom McNamara exchanged the messages is unnamed and also under investigation according to the SJPD.

McNamara sent a text message immediately following saying that he was “clapping fools” which Green’s lawyer characterized as racist.

Green said he’s still processing the event and has difficulty playing football, which he loved before the shooting. Green filed a federal lawsuit against McNamara, the SJPD, and the City of San Jose citing excessive force.

SJPD released 10 pages of McNamara’s text messages that showed he regularly used racial epithets to refer to Green and his lawyers and one text said outright “I hate Black people.”

Green said he’s suffered from depression and it still hurts when he plays the sport he loves, but he does it anyway. He said the period has been the worst time of his life.

Green’s team is asking for criminal prosecution of McNamara for attempted murder.

McNamara resigned during the investigation after being on the force for six years.

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