San Francisco Democrat Blames Capitalism for Homeless Problems

( – The Golden Gate City used to be considered a beautiful jewel until out-of-control crime, open-air drug use, and the homeless using sidewalks for toilets have turned it into something resembling the third world. City supervisor Dean Preston is sure he knows the culprit: capitalism.

Preston represents city District 5, which includes the famous Tenderloin neighborhood, which is now home to half the city’s homeless population and is full of people doing hard drugs right out on the street. But it’s “counterproductive” to arrest people for doing illegal drugs in public, according to Preston, and it’s the free market capitalist system that created all the problems anyway.

In an interview with the UK media outlet UnHerd, Preston said the chaos and disorder in his district is “absolutely the result of capitalism” and what that system does to “people at the bottom of the rungs.” The Democratic Socialist said the reason “folks are on the street” is that they’ve lost their jobs and their landlords have evicted them. How capitalism itself is responsible for these unfortunate situations is not clear.

Though he’s firmly in Generation X at 54 years old, Preston speaks in the vernacular and cadence of a Millennial or Gen Z. “So you have major landlords literally causing folks to lose their homes,” he said before noting that other “folks” can’t find affordable housing because of capitalism.

Many San Francisco residents of all political persuasions are alarmed at the city’s decline, but Preston seems unmoved by their views. When asked about residents’ fears about the homeless, the mentally ill, and drug addicts in relation to crime, Preston said “every instance of poverty or addiction” is not necessarily a “threat to someone walking by.” His position on the health threat of stepping in fresh human feces is not known.

San Francisco has been “inconsistent” in tackling the problems on the streets, according to Preston, and that approach has made the situation worse. Speaking about the occasional city clearing of homeless encampments, Preston said getting rid of them has not made the city safer. He also claims that arresting open-air drug users “increases overdoses.”

Predictably, Preston is also a fan of defunding the police, a service he describes as wasteful and “bloated.” Last May, he proposed a bill that would bar security guards from drawing their guns to prevent property theft.

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