Same-Sex Unions May Now Be Eligible for Catholic Blessing

( – If history is an indicator, the Catholic Church may be getting ready for an epic battle with its parishioners and clergy. In developments that many would likely find unthinkable a decade ago, the Pope appears to be preparing to endorse gay marriage.

On July 10th, a number of cardinals wrote to Pope Francis demanding a yes or no answer from their leader as to whether or not he intended to follow through with rumors that suggested he was preparing to give his nod of approval to women joining the priesthood and to same-gendered unions.

According to reports, Francis’ initial response to the concerned leaders only contained generalities. The group reportedly doubled down and sent him another letter in which he was pressed for specifics.

Though he again declined to provide them with yes or no answers, he did concede that potential gay marriages could be addressed “case-by-case.” He also suggested that the possibility of female clergy should be researched further.

In addition to gay unions conflicting with the Catholic Church’s entire 2,000-year policy on marriage, the issue also appears to disagree with Francis’ own past statements, the most recent of which was in March of this year. During that particular instance, he told the world that the Church must “not bless sin.”

Although same-gendered unions have floated in the background of Catholicism for some time now, the issue was brought suddenly to the forefront again after a handful of Catholic priests in the German city of Cologne carried out a number of non-traditional marriages. Their actions caused an ideological split in the church hierarchy and prompted the cardinal’s letter to Francis.

In 1861, the Presbyterian Church split along ideological lines over the issue of slavery. The two factions operated separately for over 120 years until finally choosing to re-form a single body. In 2015, the denomination’s main branch split again over the issue of gay marriage.

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