Russian Talking Points ‘Infect’ Congress

( – A prominent Republican Representative told a CNN host on April 7th that his colleagues in the U.S. House are repeating what he calls Russian propaganda.

Mike Turner of Ohio joined CNN host Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.” Tapper asked Turner about remarks made by Texas Republican Rep. Mike McCaul, who told Puck News’ Julia Ioffe that the Republican party was “infected” with Russian misinformation. Turner agreed, saying that “propaganda” from Russia was obscuring the discussion about the war between Russia and Ukraine.

What’s the misinformation? According to these politicians, it is the idea that Russia is waging war on Ukraine over issues relating to NATO. Turner said that’s not true, and that the Russian talking points are making it hard for leaders to understand that the war is, in his view, a battle between democracy and authoritarianism.

Some Republicans “incorrectly say” that the war is about NATO, Turner claimed. But Russian President Vladimir Putin has been clear that he sees Ukraine as historically and currently part of Russia. Putin famously delivered a long discussion on the history of Russia and Ukraine to American journalist Tucker Carlson who expounded this viewpoint during the historic sit-down between the two on February 6th.

Russia invaded Ukraine’s borders on February 4th, 2022. Since then the conflict has dragged on, embroiling the U.S. and European powers. Military aid and cash from the U.S. is a political hot point diving American lawmakers. Georgia’s Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, for example, does not support sending any more aid to Ukraine and has threatened to start proceedings to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson if he even holds a vote on Ukraine aid.

By contrast, Turner is in favor of the U.S. continuing to materially support the Ukrainian side. Saying that the U.S. needs “to make certain” to understand that authoritarian countries like Russia “never stop” once they initiate conflicts such as this. He told CNN’s Tapper that “Ukraine needs our help and assistance right now.”

Turner also said President Joe Biden has not been responsive enough about the issue and has been “asleep at the wheel.”

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