Russia Says War With Ukraine Will Be “Second Vietnam”

( – Kremlin spymaster Sergei Naryshkin warned of the possibility of Ukraine becoming a “second Vietnam” in an article published on December 7th in the Russian state outlet the Intelligence Operative.

He said that the Ukrainian conflict could become a proverbial black hole as it pulls more resources and people into itself. Comparing it to the disastrous Vietnam campaign of the late 1960s and early 70s, he suggested the possibility of every new administration having to cope with it.

The statement from the Russian foreign intelligence chief comes amidst the backdrop of the ongoing debate in Congress for continued funding. The Biden administration is attempting to garner a further $61.4 billion to feed the beast calling the move an “emergency.”

The U.S.-led war effort in Vietnam featured the U.S. military backing the South Vietnamese who were in an armed conflict with the northern Viet Cong who were aligned with China. The war dragged on for decades before the U.S. ultimately pulled out.

The U.S. is not without its own propaganda efforts, however. A fresh indictment from the Department of Justice accuses 4 Russian soldiers of torture, kidnapping, and other war crimes for the abduction of an unnamed American who was living in the south of Ukraine at the start of the war.

Announcing the indictment, which was filed in the Eastern District of Virginia and likely will never result in an actual criminal case, Attorney General Merrick Garland seemed to endorse the idea the move was purely for show when he said that his DOJ would continue to “pursue justice” for “crimes that cannot truly be answered.” Garland went on to describe the horrific supposed kidnapping of an unnamed American who married a Ukrainian woman and was living in Ukraine.

Garland alleged that this individual had been abducted, stripped naked, photographed, beaten bloody, kept locked in a closet, and threatened with death and rape. He then invited Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to speak on the subject.

Mayorkas elaborated on how they spent over a year working on the investigation that resulted in the indictment. He did not indicate how many taxpayer dollars were spent on it, however.

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