Russia Says Israel Doesn’t Have the Right To Defend Itself

( – According to Russia’s United Nations ambassador, the State of Israel has no authority to defend itself. During a November 1st speech before the General Assembly, Vasily Nebenzya told world leaders that the Kremlin’s position on Israel’s self-defense was tied to the fact that they viewed the Jewish State to be an occupying force in the region.

His remarks at the emergency special session were coupled with a reminder that the International Court of Justice in the Hague had already made that same determination. Nebenzya told his counterparts that the organization’s justices had handed down their confirmation of the opinion in a 2004 ruling.

In spite of the Russian representative’s initial statements, he went on to say that the nation of Israel can indeed justify the ensuring of its own security. It further has the right to combat and fight terrorists and terrorism. Russia recognizes Israel’s rights to guarantee its overall national security, the ambassador said – “but fight terrorists and not civilians.”

Nebenzya appeared to stipulate a qualifier for those rights and stated that Israeli national security could be “fully guaranteed only in the case of a just solution to the Palestinian problem.” Prior “Security Council resolutions” addressing the conflict would need to be adhered to by the Israeli government, he said.

The diplomat acknowledged the historical “persecution of the Jewish people” over the course of “many centuries,” but said their past suffering did not provide them with an excuse to engage in “blind retribution” in Gaza. Jews “should know more than anyone” that acts of vengeance do not “restore justice,” nor do they “bring the dead back to life,” he said.

Nebenzya concluded his statements by accusing the United States and other Western governments of “hypocrisy.” His choice of words was a possible reference to critics of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. He appeared to imply that Western powers have insisted on humanitarian law being followed in Eastern Europe, but have failed to demand that Israel do the same.

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