Ronna McDaniel Is In Trouble

( – GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel may have become ensnared in the witch-hunt attempting to prevent former President Donald Trump’s 2024 bid. A newly published report following a leaked telephone call between Trump, McDaniel, and two Michigan electors from the 2020 election is being spun as ‘attempted bribery.’

Trump and McDaniel were on a conference call with Michigan electors Monica Palmer, and William Hartmann. During the call, Trump attempted to persuade the electors to refuse certification. McDaniel said they would “get you attorneys” and Trump added they would “take care of that.”

Mind you, campaigns hiring attorneys to represent political actors who side with them during a hotly contested election is a normal occurrence. Never before has any political actor been accused of bribery for offering to arrange and cover attorneys during a contested election.

After speaking with McDaniel and Trump, Palmer and Hartmann refused to sign the official votes and attempted to withdraw previous oral votes in favor of certification. Biden ultimately carried the state with a wide margin of victory after recounts were completed.

Georgia State University College of Law Profession Michael Kreis suggested McDaniel could get caught up in any legal shenanigans that result. In a post on X (Twitter), Kreis shared the relevant Michigan law which makes “corruptly” offering a bribe in exchange for political acts a felony.

Kreis added that the crux of the matter is whether a lawyer could be considered “a valuable thing.” He acknowledges that covering legal services in connection with contested electoral results is standard practice. He also argued, however, that refusing to certify the vote was a “corrupt official act,” and that legal aid is valuable.

Kreis spins normal standard practices into corrupt acts and allegations of bribery in much the same way that NY Attorney General Letitia James fabricated criminal allegations against Trump and his businesses in New York. In the New York case, James argued that Trump incorrectly valued his properties, Trump’s defense said the same was true of James and her office’s estimations.

Whether or not this phone call results in another indictment, the odds that Trump’s poll numbers will improve with a fifth indictment are pretty good. Each one of the previous indictments against Trump rallied his base and improved his polling.

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