Ron DeSantis Is Promising To Declare A National Emergency

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said on Wednesday, June 28 that he would declare a national state of emergency to deal with the various drug cartels that continue to plague the Southern border.

DeSantis made the bold declaration during his press conference in Eagle Pass, Texas on June 26, a town located on the U.S.-Mexican border.

DeSantis said that people are “dying by the tens of thousands” due to the illegal mass-importation of fentanyl by drug cartels, which is causing a spike in overdoses. The governor also said he would continue to build the border wall started by the Trump administration, but also noted its disadvantages, saying that “the cartels will actually cut through the good part of the border wall.” DeSantis said the cartels use tools such as blow torches or saws to break through the steel barriers.

The governor said that, if elected president, he will declare a national emergency at the border wall “on day one” of his administration. He also said that he would use maritime operations to stop the shipping of certain chemicals to Mexico, which are then used by cartels to manufacture the fentanyl.

The news comes as border patrol agents have seized more than 98,000 pounds of drugs in the fiscal year 2022, as well as approximately 47,000 pounds of drugs between Oct. and May 2022, according to data collected U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The situation at the border continues to exacerbate as the Biden administration makes it a priority to allow migrants to flow through the Southern border, a complete reversal from Trump-era immigration policy.

The Supreme Court recently gave the Biden administration a key victory regarding immigration, reviving a policy that was originally struck down by a federal judge in Texas, stopping the measure nationwide. The Supreme Court ruled 8-1 to restore the ruling, which allows the Biden administration to choose which illegal immigrants it wants to allow to stay, and which to send back.

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