Riley Gaines Promotes “Real Women’s Day”

( – Riley Gaines, the ex-NCAA swimmer known for addressing the Lia Thomas controversy head-on, has declared October 10th to be “Real Women’s Day.” In a video uploaded to Twitter on October 4th, she explains the reasoning behind her decision and calls on “all real women” to “stand with” her in solidarity.

According to Gaines, who reportedly put dental school on the back burner so she could temporarily pursue the issue of transgender individuals co-opting women’s sports, her choice of October 10th as the genesis for “Real Women’s Day” is not random. In her post, the former swimmer points out that 10/10 would actually read as X/X if converted into Roman numerals.

For those still unaware, X/X is the chromosomal makeup of a biological woman. Male counterparts who take the step of claiming to be transgender will still find their genetic code hindered by an unavoidable set of X/Y chromosomes. Gaines asks viewers of her video to sign a linked petition that calls on the Leadership Institute to officially designate the new holiday.

In her nearly two-minute plea, the former college athlete explained that while viewing events associated with Women’s History Month in March, Gaines found what she said was a common denominator. In place of promoting “trailblazing women,” companies like Hershey’s Chocolate and ESPN had decided to honor “men who were claiming to be women.”

In a moment some may consider ironic, ESPN went so far as to honor trans swimmer Lia Thomas, who happened to be the pre-op transgender ex-teammate of Gaines. Riley pointed out as much and said that it was part of an effort to erase true women’s sports.

In referencing the actions of Hershey’s Chocolate during Women’s History Month, Gaines showed how the company chose to place a transgender “woman” on an exclusive line of their candy bars. Their release employed a play on words, separating the name of the business into “Her” and “She’s.”

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