RFK Jr. Adopts Trump’s Border Policies

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. criticized President Biden’s border policies and said he has solutions. Kennedy said he would reinstate certain Trump-era policies including the border wall and the remain in Mexico policy. He also said he would hire 2,600 additional border agents and 300 new immigration judges.

Kennedy said many border patrol agents left during Biden’s term and they need to be replaced. He said increasing the number of immigration judges will speed up the processing time for asylum applications. Kennedy said instead of constructing a wall for the entire length of the southern border, it makes sense to obstruct only the areas frequently crossed by immigrants to save time and cost.

Kennedy also stressed the importance of providing a pathway to citizenship and that legal immigrants can help fill vacant American jobs. His recent statements align with what he said in January regarding the border wall. At that time, Kennedy said the Biden administration is not interested in closing the border and that Kennedy would make it happen overnight if he is elected president.

In January, Kennedy said he interviewed a bus full of migrants and only two of them were seeking asylum in America. In addition to filling heavily trafficked border wall gaps, Kennedy suggested installing more cameras, lights, and sensors at the border. He said immigration judges should be located in border towns to handle the asylum cases near the border.

On June 27th, CNN hosted a debate between President Biden and former President Trump. While Kennedy wasn’t invited to the debate stage, he held a separate event in which he responded to the same questions CNN asked the two main party candidates. During his responses, Kennedy echoed the sentiment that Biden’s border policies are putting America in danger.

Since only two people that he interviewed on a migrant bus were applying for asylum, Kennedy said he is very concerned that terrorists are getting into the U.S. via the southern border.

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