Retired CIA Analyst Issues Warning on Biden Weakness

( – The first presidential debate largely revealed to many observers that President Joe Biden has trouble functioning in the evening.

It has also triggered some leaks from White House staffers suggesting that the president only works between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. or just 25% of the day. Cognitive decline associated with age is known to trigger an effect called “sundowning” whereby elderly individuals experience more confusion as the day goes on. Now some observers are highlighting the fact that enemies of the nation are taking notice and will exploit the situation in the future.

Retired CIA analyst Fred Fleitz was also a member of former President Donald Trump’s National Security Council. In comments to conservative-leaning press, he highlighted that Russia and China will exploit Biden’s cognitive impairments to give themselves an advantage, potentially harming American national security or that of our close allies in the process.

Fleitz suggested North Korea may test more nuclear weapons or Saudi Arabia might enhance their relationship with Russia and China as a consequence of Biden’s terrible performance during the debate. He argued that seeing the president as indecisive and weak isn’t good for America.

Retired U.S. Army Col. David Giammona appeared alongside Fleitz and he highlighted that Russian President Vladimir Putin is well-informed about Biden’s incompetence, despite Putin claiming he didn’t personally watch the debate. Giammona suggested that the Russians were testing the U.S. with a submarine they’ve got parked in international waters off the coast of Florida. He pointed out that the Biden administration hasn’t responded at all to the submarine and said that gives China and Russia “a strong hand” to play.

Fleitz highlighted elections in the U.K. seemingly going for the Labour Party, which markets itself as moderate. He believes the party will veer hard left after winning elections, just as the Democrats did in 2020. Giammona added that mainland European elections were having the opposite outcome with many conservatives winning in countries like France.

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