Residents Evacuated from Their Homes During Police Standoff

( – A stand-off between police and a man suspected of stabbing a relative in Woodbury Minnesota, has ended, but not before it triggered a lockdown at nearby Hawthorne Elementary School.

Emergency dispatchers got a call on Wednesday, March 27th, reporting that a man suffered a stabbing by his uncle at a home at around 10:25 am When police arrived they discovered the 23-year-old victim waiting outside the house. The unnamed man had been stabbed in the leg and was taken to the Mayo Clinic with what officials say are non-life-threatening wounds.

Then a SWAT team arrived at the home and put up a police perimeter. The term “SWAT” stands for “special weapons and tactics.” SWAT teams are highly armed and trained units within police departments called in to handle the most dangerous situations.

Cops called out to the suspect, Efran Estrada, 24, trying to get him to make contact with negotiators, but Estrada did not respond. However, since he was wearing an ankle monitor, police were able to confirm that he was inside the home and also track his movements within the house.

It is not known what Estrada’s prior convictions may have been.

Despite three hours of attempts to persuade Estrada to give himself up, the man would not leave the house. The SWAT members then performed what they call an “extraction.” They broke down a door in the house and were able to arrest Estrada without incident. Police said the stabbing was an isolated act.

Pictures and video taken by news crews show police in what looks like military camouflage, along with armored vehicles on the street next to the house. The SWAT team may have been deployed because police initially believed Estrada may have had a gun. It turns out he was unarmed except for the knife used in the stabbing.

Estrada is now facing second-degree assault charges and was taken to Freeborn County Jail.

The entire incident was over by 1:30 pm.

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