Republican Kingmaker Goes Nuclear on Trump, Gives Biden Pointers

( – Republican mainstay Karl Rove is ripping into Donald Trump, and offering advice to the Democrats on how to beat him.

Disturbed by Trump’s sympathy for those held in jail related to the riots at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, Rove said he sees those who participated in the riot very differently than Trump. Donald Trump has called those in jail political “hostages,” and he has pledged to pardon all those who participated. Rove shot back calling them “thugs” who belong in prison.

Going further, Rove offered some advice to Democrats, saying if they “were smart, they take January 6th and go hard at it.” Rove said he worked in the Capitol building when he was young, and that the U.S. Congress is a “jewel of the Constitution.” The rioters who “violently attacked” the Capitol, Rove said, need to be found and brought to justice. He called the participants “sons of b——.”

By contrast, Trump sees those who showed up to the Capitol that day as having been done an injustice by prosecutors. While the mainstream media rarely acknowledges this, it is true that many people in jail did not participate in any of the violence or property damage; they merely entered the building and walked through it.

But Trump is not just referring to the peaceful protesters. He is also promising to pardon those convicted of violence “the first day we get in office.” At some of his rallies, the Republican nominee has played a recording of the national anthem sung by the Jan. 6th jailbirds, who he often calls “unbelievable patriots.”

Karl Rove is palpably angered. He said the Trump campaign made “critical mistakes” in saying they’re going to pardon the convicted, whom Trump calls “hostages.” Rove shot back that they are “thugs,” and referred to those who appeared to be waiting in hotels with automatic weapons, and calling out “Where’s Nancy Pelosi?”

Rove has been a powerhouse in the Republican Party for years, advising numerous Congressional candidates and the successful presidential campaigns run by George W. Bush. He was Bush’s Deputy Chief of Staff during that president’s two administrations.

Among his numerous legal battles, Trump has been indicted on four counts connected to the events of January 6th. He is petitioning the Supreme Court to rule that he is immune from prosecution for acts he took while he was president.

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