Representative Calls Colorado Ruling Judicial Activism

( – Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) called the recent Colorado ruling attempting to bar Trump from the 2024 presidential contest “judicial activism at its worst.”

Appearing on “The Chris Salcedo Show” on Wednesday, December 21st, Cammack assured viewers that the SCOTUS will overturn the decision due to its incredible bias.

Cammack used the opportunity to highlight that Trump is being legally challenged across the board and said that the tactic represents a new strategy from the Democrats which drains resources by deploying frivolous lawsuits and trumped-up charges. The time and money spent defending himself from allegations is intended to drain away time and resources he would have otherwise spent on campaigning, she said.

She said the use of legal obstructions compromises the legitimacy of an election which is theoretically supposed to be a free and fair contest. Having judges strike Trump off the ballot based on a gross misreading of the 14th Amendment is “total trash,” Cammack argued. She further said their interpretation was “perverted.”

The news that Trump was struck from the ballot in Colorado isn’t quite accurate, despite numerous headlines claiming that was the case. The Colorado Supreme Court stayed its own ruling, which was a narrow 4-3 with scathing dissents. All seven justices on the court were Democrat-appointed. They indicated that the ban won’t take effect until January 4th, 2024 pending a U.S. Supreme Court review.

The move came at a time when most people were getting ready to celebrate the Christmas holiday and coincided with Special Counsel Jack Smith being dealt a series of blows in his attempt to prosecute Trump for January 6th-related alleged crimes.

Smith had his request to accelerate Trump’s trial schedule denied. Smith argued that Trump was just such an outstanding anomaly that required such. SCOTUS didn’t agree and said they require input from lower courts to effectively judge the law.

Smith and the Department of Justice suffered another defeat when SCOTUS agreed to hear the case of Joseph Fischer, a January 6th defendant. Fischer is challenging the use of 1512(C)(2) or the charge of obstruction of an official proceeding. The charge carries heavy penalties of up to twenty years in prison and was originally intended to be used with regard to the destruction of evidence sought by Congress. It had never been used against protesters before January 6th, 2021.

If SCOTUS overturns the use of 1512(C)(2) which many observers say is likely, it will be an embarrassing defeat for the DOJ and Smith, who are attempting to charge Trump (and several other J6 defendants) with it as well.

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