Rep. Greene Heavily Criticized for Failed Johnson Ouster

( – Politicians on the left and the right have had their say about U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s failed attempt to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson. Now the opinion columnists are speaking out, and they’re not giving the politician from Georgia very high marks.

Greene called for a vote on May 8th on her measure to kick the speaker out and was disappointed. Only 10 Republicans voted to kick out Johnson, while 196 voted to keep him. They were joined by 163 Democrats who voted against Greene’s measure.

The UK’s Independent characterizes Greene as attention-seeking and implies that she’s less serious about politics than about getting her way. Greene “made sure to milk every moment” during the weeks leading up to the vote, the paper opined. It also accused her of glorying in the attention she was receiving from reporters who seemed more interested in the drama around the potential Speaker ouster than they were in the numerous pieces of serious legislation up for debate and vote.

USA Today believes Greene’s entering the “beginning of the end” phase of her political career after failing to kick out Johnson. Their opinion columnist said Green had “finally out-stupid-ed herself” after the move. Greene was going after Johnson “for the crime of governing,” according to the paper’s columnist, who went on to describe Greene with sarcasm in almost every paragraph. Rex Huppke called this the end of Greene’s “preposterous moment in American politics.”

Greene’s issue with Mike Johnson appears to center around his participation in passing President Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion budget. She said he worked with the Democrats to pass the bloated bill, and in doing so, “betrayed our conference and broke our rules.” On March 22nd, Greene filed a motion to “vacate” the Speaker’s chair. In a letter to fellow GOP lawmakers, Greene said Johnson’s actions were a “complete and total surrender.”

For his part, Johnson has kept his rhetoric calm and cordial, noting that he disagrees with Greene but failing to take her bait and return fire in the same blunt terms.

In early May, former president and current Republican nominee Donald Trump intervened in an uncharacteristically diplomatic way on Johnson’s behalf. Stressing that he likes and respects both Greene and Johnson, Trump brought Johnson on stage at a Republican National Committee luncheon and stressed the need for “unity.”

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