Rep. Cory Mills Helps More Americans Evacuate Israel

( – Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) helped another group of Americans home from Israel. The congressman previously led an expedition into Israel in the wake of the October 7th Hamas ambush attack on southern Israel and subsequent regional chaos to rescue a church group he read about in the New York Post.

After returning from the region and securing passage for the stranded Americans through neighboring Jordan, Mills said he realized his mission was incomplete. Mills was in a rush to return to the U.S. so he could participate in the selection of the next Speaker.

He told the Post that as a veteran and elected official, he couldn’t sit idly by while the Biden administration left Americans stranded. He encountered the last batch of 159 people on Friday morning, October 27th at New York’s JFK airport. He jabbed at the President, suggesting this was work the State Department should be doing.

The White House claimed they were involved in chartering flights for stranded Americans, but citizens trying to get home reported difficulties getting in touch with the local embassy and making travel arrangements. Mills called the behavior “deeply concerning” and suggestive that the administration does not value American lives.

Mills collaborated with Mercury One, a nonprofit organization founded by former Fox News personality Glenn Beck. They agreed to fund all the flights for stranded Americans. The organization helped evacuate nearly 10,000 Americans who were stuck in Afghanistan during the Biden administration’s bungled withdrawal in 2021.

Tensions in the region are high as multiple U.S. naval assets and special forces have redeployed to the region to aid Israel in its war against Hamas. Israel has rained bombs on Gaza and the West Bank in the weeks that followed the attack which killed approximately 1,400 Israelis and international citizens unfortunate enough to be in the area at the time.

Palestinian health authorities have claimed over 7,000 casualties, with the numbers expected to rise as long as the bloodshed continues. Hamas holds approximately 200 hostages who were taken during the October 7th raid. A handful have been released so far.

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