Rejected: Judge Denies Hunter Biden’s Attempt to Escape Tax Charges

( – Presidential son Hunter Biden will not be able to avoid a trial on allegations of tax fraud after a federal judge tossed his motion to dismiss the case.

California judge Mark Scarsi ruled against Hunter Biden, who asked the court to dismiss charges of not paying his taxes, not filing his taxes on time, and filing fraudulent tax paperwork. Hunter Biden’s lawyers argued that their client eventually did pay the taxes, and they also seemed to hope for sympathy by citing Hunter’s well-known drug addiction.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys also tried to argue that Republican lawmakers had pressured special counsel David Weiss, who is prosecuting the case, into targeting Hunter Biden out of a political vendetta.

Scarsi, who was appointed by Donald Trump, was unmoved. In denying Hunter Biden’s motion, the judge also criticized Biden’s claim that he was facing a “selective and vindictive prosecution.” Scarsi disagreed and said that he was ruling against Hunter Biden because Biden’s motion to dismiss the case contained no evidence, only references to media reports claiming persecution.

Scarsi wrote that Biden “provides no facts” that would support the idea that he is being prosecuted because adversarial politicians want that to happen. The judge also brushed aside the idea that Hunter Biden was in the hot seat because of his “familial and political affiliations.”

With this ruling, the full case against Hunter Biden is set to start on June 20th. Tax evasion issues are not the only ones confronting the president’s son. Delaware prosecutors have also charged him with illegally possessing a gun while using drugs. Hunter Biden’s legal team is also trying to get those charges dismissed and they’re using some of the same arguments that were unsuccessful in their attempt to get the tax charges thrown out.

If the gun charges stand, Hunter Biden’s trial on that issue will start one week before the tax case begins.

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