Ramaswamy Wants To Let Russia Have Conquered Territory In Ukraine To End War

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said that he intends to propose a plan in which Russia would be allowed to annex all of the territory it has currently captured from Ukraine, should he be elected president in 2024.

On Wednesday, August 30th, Ramaswamy spoke with late-night Fox News host Jesse Watters to discuss his plan, which in return for allowing Russia to annex parts of Ukraine, would also force the country to completely sever its military alliance with China. He also said that he would reaffirm the position that Ukraine should not join NATO, a position that most Republican lawmakers seem to generally agree with.

The Republican Party is currently experiencing sharp divisions over current U.S. policy that has sent billions of dollars worth of foreign aid to Ukraine amid its efforts to repel the unprovoked Russian invasion. Some Republicans believe the U.S. should be doing everything it can to aid the Ukrainians in their fight against the Russians, short of actual warfare between U.S. and Russian troops.

Other Republicans, however, such as Ramaswamy, believe it is not in the best interests of the U.S. to be involved in the conflict, and that tax dollars spent on aid for Ukraine could be better spent at home to help American citizens.

Watters appeared somewhat skeptical of Ramaswamy’s plan, doubting whether Ramaswamy would be able to convince Russian President Vladimir Putin to suddenly give up his alliance with Chinese President Xi Jinping in exchange for merely part of Ukraine. In response to Watters’ skepticism, Ramaswamy said that he would further entice Russia by re-establishing economic ties with the country, once again opening the country’s economy to Western markets.

Watters then raised the concern of the West’s economic relations with China, a country arguably far more economically consequential than Russia. However, Ramaswamy countered this concern by saying that by steering Russia away from China and re-opening relations with the West, China will be singled out economically.

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