Rabbis Attend Funeral for Murdered Palestinian Child

(TargetDailyNews.com) – In a moment of solidarity that most would probably agree is unlikely to be duplicated in the Middle East anytime soon, Jewish leaders in Chicago chose to attend the funeral of a brutally murdered Palestinian-American Muslim boy. Wadea Al-Fayoume’s killing made headlines both nationally and internationally after he was stabbed nearly 30 times for reasons that are said to be related to his family’s faith.

In spite of the contentiousness surrounding the 6-year-old’s murder and the ongoing conflict between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East, the Rabbis in question showed up to his burial to pay their respects. Ari Hart, who was one of the elders in attendance, said he was obligated to attend Wadea’s service and comfort his family as best as he could.

He told reporters he had come as both an advocate for peace and with the intention of publicly condemning the heinous killing. Following the event, Hart posted to Facebook that he and the other Rabbis in attendance had met with the family’s Imam, spoken with Wadea’s father, and stood with mourners as they grieved this “horrific loss.”

Rabbi Hart said his group of elders even “wept” during the service. He admitted that the events of October 7th in Israel and the Israeli response to them had made it difficult for his group to attend Wadea’s burial, but suggested that the alternative of not showing up would have been worse.

On October 14th, Wadea and his mother were attacked in their home by their 71-year-old landlord who was said to have once been on friendly terms with the family. According to authorities, Joseph Czuba shouted “Muslims must die!” as he stabbed his Palestinian-American tenants over and over.

Wadea died from his wounds and his mother is still recuperating in a hospital. Reports have suggested that Czuba’s mentality towards the renters shifted after Hamas slaughtered over 1,300 Israeli civilians during their terrorist attack in early October.

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