Putin Discusses How Russia Might Deploy Nuclear Weapons

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed Russia’s potential use of nuclear weapons and what circumstances might cause them to be deployed. During an annual gathering of the Valdai Discussion Club Putin claimed that they had successfully tested a new cruise missile, which Moscow officials had previously denied.

As the war in Ukraine continues to drag on with neither side willing to negotiate a settlement, fears have been escalating that the conflict may become nuclear. Previously, analysts were concerned that Ukraine retaking Crimea may trigger a nuclear strike, however Ukrainian losses during their “counteroffensive” make that possibility rather moot. The New York Times quoted U.S. officials who estimated Ukrainian casualties to be over half a million dead.

Ukrainians recently struck at Crimea, allegedly inflicting damage before retreating. Crimea voted in a public referendum to join the Russian Federation after the 2014 Ukrainian coup. Civilians in the southeast of the country, where Crimea is located, have complained that they were the target of Ukrainian forces after the coup.

The Ukrainian aggression also led the newly formed republics of Lugansk and Donetsk to break away from Ukraine and form independent states. So far, only Russia, Syria, and a handful of other nations have recognized their independence.

Putin said that he’d deploy nuclear weapons if there was a nuclear first strike on Russia. He also said that conventional warfare that threatened the existence of the Russian state would also earn retaliatory nuclear strikes. He saw no reason to expand the list of reasons or circumstances that would earn a nuclear response. He further said that he thinks these circumstances are very unlikely.

He didn’t think anyone would engage in a first strike against Russian territory, nor did he expect conventional warfare to threaten the existence of the Russian state.

The new nuclear cruise missile, the Burevestinik, was announced in 2018 and boasts the ability to dodge interception methods, nearly unlimited range, and stealth capabilities. Putin said they had successfully tested the weapon in recent weeks.

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