Protestors Call for Boycott of Dave & Busters

( – National restaurant chain and entertainment venue Dave & Busters is about to feel the wrath of the conservative wallet. Calls throughout social media for a boycott of the brand are on the increase after it came to light that the company was sponsoring not only a drag show – a drag show that caters to children.

The Facebook-owned Instagram account for “Yournewpride” recently advertised an all-day drag queen event scheduled to take place on August 23rd at Wisconsin’s Brown County Fairgrounds. Their Saturday lineup will see performances from several pride-friendly bands and a number of drag presentations, one of which is performed by “youth entertainers.”

D&B is listed as the sole sponsor of the event. In 2022, the company posted to Facebook that it had held its first-ever pride parties in both NYC and LA. Lingering leftover comments on the post still show that users were infuriated by the restaurant’s political posturing and many individuals said the business had lost their support with the move. That apparent loss of business was before the latest potentiality.

Once Twitter’s Libs of Tiktok account reposted the advertisement, the planned happening went viral with outrage. Although many users called for an immediate boycott of D&B, many went much further in their insistence that the once-family-friendly company was engaging in child abuse. “Child grooming is pedophilia,” read one comment. The post has since been retweeted almost 4,000 times.

The two most effective conservative corporate boycotts of the summer led to hundreds of millions of dollars being lost in revenue. In addition to being hit by a lack of spending from consumers, the combined market capitalizations for Target and a now-infamous beverage maker dropped by over $50 billion. Target lost an estimated $500 million in sales and inBev lost nearly the same amount.

D&B (NASDAQ: PLAY) has 140 locations around the country and a current market capitalization of $1.66 billion.

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