Protestor Caught on Camera Dressing Up Like Hamas

( – As pro-Gazan demonstrations have engulfed America’s college campuses for the past two weeks, most college administrators have sat by while demonstrators took over buildings and blocked campus access. But Stanford University is being surprisingly proactive about what they seem to believe are illegally offensive clothing items.

Stanford noticed a picture of a protester seated at a picnic table and sent it to the FBI for investigation. Why? Because Stanford believes the man’s green headband is a terroristic article of clothing because it has been seen worn by members of Hamas. Hamas is the terrorist organization that politically controls Gaza, and which launched an October 7th attack on Israel that killed more than 1,000.

The picture of the man shows him seated at a picnic table working on his phone. He wears a keffiyeh, the white and black scarf popularized by Yasser Arafat. He also wears a green headband with symbols and writing that are difficult to read from online photos.

Stanford released a statement saying the university found the man’s attire “deeply offensive” because Hamas is a known terrorist organization. The school says they have not “been able to identify the individual” but they’ve sent the picture to the FBI, presumably in hopes the feds will be able to identify him.

Like many other campuses, Stanford has been rocked by protestors who have set up encampments outside. Many colleges have done little to nothing for weeks until violence and demonstrators breaking into buildings became too much to bear. Last week Columbia University in New York finally called police, who climbed a ladder into a campus building to arrest demonstrators who had broken in and taken it over. In all, 109 people were arrested.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators are unhappy with Stanford’s treatment of them. University administrators have restricted protests in the campus’s White Plaza to the hours of 8 am to 8 pm. A group of demonstrators wrote that the university is “actively discriminating against” Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians, and “anti-Zionist Jewish students.”

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