Protesters Present Baffling List of Demands: ‘HIV Tests, Dental Dams, Plan B’ And More

( – As pro-Palestinian demonstrations rock America’s college campuses, protestors are making surprising demands. While most people understand that taking over someone else’s property does not generally make the property owner feel kindly toward the squatter, this lesson has apparently missed many in the collective student body.

35-year-old PhD candidate at Columbia University, Johanna King-Slutzky recently triggered laughter and mockery during an impromptu press conference. Addressing media outside the beleaguered school, King-Slutzky said the college was “violently” refusing to allow demonstrators to have food and water brought in. She worried that without food delivery, student protestors might die of dehydration while in the middle of Manhattan. She characterized food delivery as “humanitarian aid.”

The list of demands from demonstrators at the University of Chicago is even more surprising. Someone online discovered and published a list of alleged necessities put together by the students. Much of the list appears to be more appropriate for a private adults-only party than for a movement allegedly dedicated to helping citizens in war-torn Gaza.

The group UChicago United for Palestine asks for the usual and uncontroversial donation items, such as food and water, although the food requests are oddly specific. Protestors believe they are entitled to gluten-free food and vegan food, and they go out of their way to advise donors not to give any nuts. They also emphasized, “no sunscreen.”

The more mundane items students want include tables, gloves, and basic supplies. But they’re also requesting first aid items that seem more suited to a battleground medic station than a tent encampment on the lawn of a rich university. They ask for gauze, bandages, “trauma shears,” and a number of other specialized medical items.

But much of what they request is more appropriate to an adult gathering. Demonstrators want HIV tests, “morning after” emergency contraceptive pills, dental dams, petroleum jelly, and similar.

The University of Chicago list looks close to a list compiled by protestors at UCLA recently.

Students are alleging that they are protesting their colleges to force them to divest from all business and government relationships connected to the state of Israel.

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