Predatory Personal Injury Scam Uncovered

( – The unprecedented influx of unvetted, illegal aliens into the U.S. during the Biden presidency has opened up opportunities for a new kind of scammer, according to an investigation by the New York Post.

Suspected mobsters from Russia and members of the immigrant gang from El Salvador, MS-13, are thought to be leading illegal aliens and homeless people into ripping off insurance companies by the millions. According to those investigating, the gang members or mobsters use co-conspirators to arrange for migrants or homeless people to slip or fall at active construction sites.

After they’re injured the victims are then shepherded by the scammers to doctors and surgeons who are willing to put aside medical ethics and perform extreme and unnecessary surgeries to “cure” their minor injuries. For example, there are reports of spinal fusion surgeries performed on people who don’t need them.

The targets are persuaded to file lawsuits and claims against the owners of the sites to get a lucrative insurance payout. Collaborators with the gangs then pocket the majority of the money. According to the Post, an unnamed investigator said the mobsters and gangs are “recruiting” immigrants and homeless people to come into New York City specifically to perform the scam.

An unnamed insurance industry lawyer said the payouts are substantial, describing a $1.5 million settlement as “on the cheap side.”

The paper also reported that court filings indicate doctors and surgeons are on the take, willfully performing unnecessary but lucrative surgeries.

One of the Post’s sources was an informant within the MS-13 gang who spilled the beans on an incident connected to the scam: an apparent scheme to get a construction worker to “fall” from a ladder.

It is unknown how many incidents have occurred and how much money has been stolen from the insurance industry. But the Post’s investigation found that just one insurance company, Tradesman Program Managers, has paid out 650 fraudulent claims in just four years. Insiders estimate that scammers have been enriched by billions of dollars.

Insurance fraud does not only affect the fortunes of the company paying out. Policyholders pay for the theft through higher premiums, driving up prices for contracting companies that must buy liability insurance.

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