Pre-Med Student’s Brutal Attack Captured on Doorbell Camera

( – Ring camera footage revealed the moment just before a Florida medical student unleashed a murderous rage upon his mother, stabbing her “in excess of 70 times,” killing her. Emmanuel Espinoza, 21, was visiting his mother Elvia Espinoza, 46, who asked if he would stay at her place over the weekend.

The video reveals the moment before Espinoza attacked his mother, he walked up to the door and pulled a knife, hiding it behind his back. He was wearing dark sunglasses, a t-shirt, and jeans when he casually walked up to his mom’s house around 2 p.m. on April 6th.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd indicated that Espinoza was listening to “No Church In The Wild,” by Kanye West and Jay-Z just before charging her and unleashing a stream of nearly-endless stabbing. Judd suggested that he targeted his strikes using his medical training for maximum effect. He explained that they have unreleased audio from inside the home where his mother can be heard screaming and repeating his name over and over again without any response from her killer.

Judd said that conversations with the suspect revealed that he claimed to love his mom, but indicated that he had been angry with her for some time and had fostered the desire to kill her for years. Judd said that after the initial torrent of strikes, Elvia Espinoza tried to get up, which triggered a fresh round of stabbing from her son. Judd said that Emmanuel Espinoza stabbed her again after he realized her hands were still moving.

Shortly after the attack, he called 911 and turned himself in. He informed the detectives that he realized he cut himself during the assault and went to ask his mom for Neosporin before realizing she was dead. That was the moment he decided to turn himself in.

He’ll face charges of first-degree murder and is currently being detained at the Polk County Jail.

Elvia Espinoza was loved by her friends and students; she was a second-grade teacher at Frostproof Ben Hill Griffin Jr. Elementary School. A tribute printed after her death said that she loved her family and was “a light” in the lives she touched.

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