Pentagon Struggles to Replace Weapons Sent to Ukraine

( – A warning came this week from the Pentagon that they’re running out of cash to replace the weapons the Biden administration is sending to Ukraine, and as a result, American troops have to wait for their equipment.

Pentagon Comptroller Michael McCord told Congressional leaders that they’re down to the last $1.6 billion of $25.9 billion that they’ve allocated to buy new military equipment to replace things they’ve sent to Ukraine. The supplies include artillery rounds, missiles, rockets, and more. Ukraine wouldn’t stand a chance without constant support from the U.S. military establishment.

McCord further said that without additional funding in the near future, they won’t be able to keep sending stuff to Ukraine. The supplies Ukraine needs are “critical and urgent” according to McCord, and include ammo for air defense systems and other weaponry.

The Pentagon would have had more funding available if they had properly assessed the value of their equipment. Estimates suggest a further $6.2 billion would be available if they hadn’t made the mistake.

Ukraine’s funding has all but dried up in Congress, they no longer have funds left for additional weapons under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative which provided funding for weapons purchases.

McCord also pointed out that the impact is negatively affecting our troops. He said they’ve been slowed in resupplying the armed forces. He also pointed out that the weapons diversions and lack of funds means our military won’t be at their peak potential should they need to respond to an immediate crisis.

In his letter, McCord argued in favor of continued funding for Ukraine. He was concerned that the temporary government funding measures lacked specific funding for Ukrainian weapons. He suggested that continued funding for the Ukrainian war effort was a commitment we needed to maintain.

Republican lawmakers are largely opposed, especially members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus. Republican leadership, however, tends to be in favor of funding the war effort.

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