Papua New Guinea Leader Slams Biden for Cannibalism Remark

( – President Joe Biden’s implied claim that his WWII fighter uncle was eaten by cannibals has raised the ire of Papua New Guinea’s prime minister.

On April 17th, President Biden delivered another family story to the press that struck many observers as embroidered. He spoke of his uncle Ambrose Finnegan, a WWII fighter pilot who went missing in 1944. Biden claimed Finnegan’s plane was shot down over Papua New Guinea, and that the military was never able to recover his body. The President implied this was because cannibals had eaten Finnegan.

After his plane went down, Biden said, “They never found the body because there used to be a lot of cannibals.”

The remark disturbed Papua New Guinea’s prime minister, James Marape, who said he was displeased with the president’s characterization of his country. In an April 21st statement, Marape said that even though Biden’s remarks “may have been a slip of the tongue,” his country does not “deserve to be labeled as such.” Marape suggested Biden should prod the White House into better investigating the president’s story so that “the truth” about missing WWII aviators could be known.

There may not be much to investigate, however, aside from what is already known. According to the military, Finnegan’s plane did not crash over land but went down in the ocean for unknown reasons. Of the four people on the plane, three went missing, including Biden’s uncle Ambrose Finnegan. The military considers their remains “unrecoverable.”

Biden has a history of misstating events from his past, including the claim that he graduated near the top of his college class (in fact, he graduated in the bottom 10 percent). It is often unclear whether Biden’s misstatements are exaggerations, honest mistakes, deception, or the result of his increasingly obvious age-related decline.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre is noticeably annoyed when asked by reporters to explain Biden’s frequent mistakes or misstatements. She does not usually answer the questions directly, instead accusing reporters of being unfair, or deflecting to a different topic.

When a reporter asked her about Biden’s cannibalism claims, Jean-Pierre responded with a non sequitur, saying only that the president was proud of his uncle’s military service.

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