Palestine May Have More Support from the East

( – A Chechen leader known to be an ally of the Russian President took to Telegram on October 9th to voice his unwavering support for Palestinians following Hamas’ surprise attack and slaughter of many hundreds of Israelis. Ramzan Kadyrov’s words came as Israeli forces began gathering on the border of Gaza for what appears to be an imminent invasion.

According to a Newsweek piece covering the developments, Kadyrov pleaded with the international community to unanimously make an unbiased decision regarding what was taking place on the ground in Palestine. Kadyrov reportedly offered for Chechen military units to be used in a “peacekeeping” capacity in Israel.

The Chechen leader, who is himself a Muslim, issued what he said was an appeal to the heads of Muslim nations to “create a coalition of friends” that will call on those involved in the conflict to refrain from bombing civilians under the guise of “destroying militants.”

“We fully support Palestine’s actions. […] Today I oppose the war and am calling on everyone to end this war, to prevent it from spreading across the world,” Kadyrov said. He then suggested that the conflict had the potential to “develop into something much more dangerous.” Kadyrov appeared critical of the Israeli government, but failed to acknowledge the apparent barbarity of Hamas. Many may interpret his follow-up statement as a rationalization for said barbarity.

Kadyrov referenced his own past trip to Israel and said his “peaceful delegation” witnessed “first-hand attempts at” on the part of Israelis at overtly provoking the Palestinian people. The leader continued and issued a call for any type of escalation to cease. He again reminded viewers that his forces were prepared “to act as” peacekeepers if necessary.

Mainstream outlets appear to be rife with stories connecting Russia to the actions of Hamas via their connection to Iran. Whether those connections are legitimate or not, some might notice that popular support in NATO member countries for Ukraine’s war against Russia seems to be floundering. Russia has yet to officially take sides in the ongoing Israeli conflict.

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