Over 20 People Arrested in False Settlement Scheme

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Authorities report that 21 people were busted for false settlement claims. Fraudsters claimed they were due funds from Elite Pre-Settlement, LLC. that were obtained using deception. Records show that at least $392,550 was acquired using fraud.

Investigators with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia nailed members of the criminal conspiracy working with 37-year-old Jennifer Croom Denton, a former employee with the Ken Nugent Law Firm. She conspired with others to arrange illegitimate lawsuit payouts.

The members of the conspiracy include Ty’ceanna Brown, 26; Brittany Goolsby, 36; Essie Hargrove, 56; Tamica Howard, 38; Jakalyin Lucas, 21; Markessa Lucas, 36; Evette Oliver, 59; Shenita Rainey, 57; Tequandra Singletary, 39; Eatasha West, 49; Timothy West, 30; Tykita Curtis, 40; Doris Harris, 39; Eugenia McCrary, 40; and Sonya Wynes, 58.

Additional arrests are possible as the investigation is ongoing.

The company offers settlements from lawsuits due to individuals in advance of their actual payments allowing them to access the funds they’re owed faster than if they were to wait for the checks to come in the mail.

Denton was fired from her job after the crime was reported to authorities. Denton was charged with crimes related to the use of fraudulent documents to acquire the funds. Her coconspirators would use fake settlement paperwork to have the checks issued to them.

Instead of getting reimbursed at a later date from an actual settlement, the company was bleeding funds that would never have been reimbursed.

General Council for the Ken Nugent Law Firm Stephen Anderson told 13WAMZ News that they had no knowledge of the plot and were fully cooperating with investigators. Anderson also indicated that none of their clients were impacted by the scheme.

According to court documents, Denton also stands accused of cruelty to children, weapons charges, and drug charges related to the sale of ecstasy and marijuana. Her husband was also charged with crimes. The sheriff indicated that 48 individuals total were being scrutinized for crimes related to the conspiracy and that more arrests would be forthcoming.

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