Oregon Changes Graduation Requirements To Appease Minorities

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Oregon liberals are refusing to reinstate graduation requirements for seniors in high schools there. The argument goes that the requirements are “racist” because they disproportionately restrict students who speak English as a second language and black students.

Before the pandemic, Oregon juniors had to display basic competence in writing, mathematics, and reading comprehension by passing a standardized test in order to graduate. If they couldn’t meet basic standards, they were required to take an extra class their senior year instead of a more fun elective course.

Former candidate for governor in Oregon Christine Drazan told Fox News that the process was going to result in high school diplomas being more akin to a participation trophy than an indication someone is prepared for their adult career.

The Oregon State Board of Educators unanimously approved the extension of the pause on the requirement through the end of the 2028 school year, meaning no student will have to display competence before graduation for at least another five years.

Board members argued that the requirement was unnecessary and “harmed” minority students because they would have to take an extra class. There wasn’t any concern that these individuals were behind in their education and unable to demonstrate basic skills, however. Hundreds of citizens expressed opposition to the relaxation of the standard and requested reinstatement.

Chair Guadalupe Martinex Zapata decried opposition to their lax standards as “a campaign of misinformation,” despite the complaints. She qualified “rhetoric about cultural and social norms” as equivalent to “racial superiority” doctrines while ignoring the fact that Oregon has incredibly low rates of graduation for high schoolers.

Drazan further highlighted that educators across the state are systematically disabling requirements, degrading the quality of education. She further pointed out that the same board is pondering the implementation of “equity grading,” instead of giving kids grades A through F.

She lambasted their tolerance for absences, cheating, and failure to complete homework all being excused by solipsistic claims of racism.

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