NYC Mayor Imposes Bus Arrival Limits Amid Migrant Influx

( – NYC Mayor Eric Adams is struggling to adapt to the flood of illegal immigrants being shipped into the Big Apple on buses from border states like Texas. Adams signed an emergency order requiring companies that operate the buses transporting migrants to give at least 32 hours’ notice before they drop off another load of foreigners likely to be dependent on the city.

Operators are requested to collect and pass along information like total number of travelers, how many are children, and whether they intend to seek emergency shelter accommodations from the city. Bus drivers are also being asked for identifying information so that officials can identify the specific bus in question and to make specific arrangements around the times and locations illegals are dropped off.

Adams has been desperately seeking federal assistance with the crisis for months, claiming that the latest tally of illegals in the city is now at around 160,000. Biden has seemingly ignored the issue, blaming Republicans in Congress for his own failure to secure the border.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston (D) collectively issued demands for federal help as all three cities have been targets for buses full of migrants sent proudly by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R). A statement by Adams called Abbott’s policy of shipping illegals into Democrat cities “cruel and inhumane.”

Adams’s office has complained that the constant drop-offs of thousands of illegals at random spots during all hours of the day and night is hampering their ability to respond to the problem. They reported more than 15,000 new arrivals in December alone.

The mayor’s office also reported that 14 buses arrived all at once in the middle of the night the last week of December. They’re hoping that the new executive order will allow the process to proceed in a more orderly fashion.

The Biden administration shows no sign of addressing or even acknowledging that the crisis is a problem. When asked about it, Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre blamed Republicans in Congress for failing to produce comprehensive immigration reform and laughably claimed Biden was “doing everything he can.”

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