NYC Mayor Files Lawsuit Against Texas Bus Companies for Migrant Transports

( – Bus companies hired by Texas to drive illegal immigrants to New York City are facing a lawsuit by Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams. The mayor announced the suit on January 4th.

Adams has complained loud and long recently about the number of illegal immigrants being sent to New York by border states. He has also urged the Biden administration to give cities like New York financial relief, saying their budgets are buckling under the strain. New York, among other cities, has laws requiring the city to pay for shelter and care for illegal immigrants.

Perhaps surprisingly, Adams’s suit against the bus companies claims that the companies themselves are violating New York City law. He claims the law requires anyone (including, apparently, a transportation company) who transports migrants into the city to also pay for their ongoing care.

“Today’s lawsuit should serve as a warning to all those who break the law in this way,” said a press release from the mayor’s office.

Adams’ suit says Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and the bus companies Abbott hired, are in violation of the city’s social services law. This law requires any party who brings a “needy person” to the city to pay for their continuing care.

New York Post columnist Nicole Gelinas ripped into Adams’ suit, calling it a “gimmick” from a mayor who has “no idea how to manage the nearly two-year-old migrant crisis.” The Post called the suit a “ploy” to extract $708 million in reimbursement from a total of 17 small bus companies to plug the holes in New York’s budget.

Adams, of course, sees it differently and says Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is the one engaging in “reckless political ploys” by sending migrants to New York.

Texas’ Abbott has sent 33,000 illegal aliens to New York City since the spring of 2022 as part of an effort to make self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities” put their money where their mouths are. Such cities are nearly always run by liberal Democrats, many of whom have changed their tune about offering sanctuary when they see the price tag of providing “care” to the influx of illegal immigrants.

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