NY Republicans Introduce Bill To Allow Judges To Carry Guns

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Republican lawmakers from upstate New York have introduced a bill in the state’s legislature that would permit New York judges to have pistol permits, allowing them to carry pistols for the defense of themselves and others in a court building.

The bill was proposed by two state Republican lawmakers, Senator George Borello and Assemblyman Joseph Giglio. They introduced the bill as a response from a 2022 gun law in the state that designated court buildings as “sensitive locations,” which prohibited firearms in or near court buildings.

Specifically, both Borello and Giglio believe that rural court buildings in upstate New York often have less security than city court buildings do, and are therefore more at risk of being attacked. For this reason, both lawmakers believe judges should be able to defend themselves should a shooting incident arise.

Currently, New York State peace officers are the only personnel in courtrooms that are trained and are allowed to carry firearms. Outside law enforcement personnel can also carry their firearms inside a court building.

The bill, officially named S7633, would have to pass committee and then advance to a floor vote in both chambers of the New York legislature. The Republican-backed bill currently faces an uphill battle, with New York Democrats currently enjoying a supermajority in both chambers.

Even if it were to pass both chambers, the likelihood that Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul would sign it into law is low.

The proposed bill also comes after New York’s last major gun control effort was struck down by the Supreme Court in June 2022. The law originally imposed strict limits on how New Yorkers can carry their guns in public.

The law was later struck down by the Supreme Court, which declared that Americans have a broad right to arm themselves in public. This was seen as a pivotal court case for gun rights activists, as now the right to bear arms has been expanded beyond the privacy of one’s home.

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