North Korea Unveils Troubling New Rocket Launcher

( – Since Joe Biden entered the White House in January of 2021, he has presided over a period of tumult and turmoil at both the domestic and international levels of politics. Millions of illegal migrants have crossed the porous U.S. southern border, posing a risk to national security. American families have been forced to deal with record levels of inflation witnessed in decades as the cost of living skyrockets. Internationally, foreign rivals of America such as Russia and China have acted aggressively in global affairs in the face of incoherent and feckless leadership from Biden.

In North Korea, a new weapon has been unveiled. In yet another routine military demonstration parade in the capital city of Pyongyang, a fleet of rocket launching trucks. The trucks, disguised as civilian vehicles, are presented in various setups, constructed in dump truck and box truck formats. According to observers, the trucks were mounted with 122mm artillery rockets positioned underneath “pop-up” or sliding roofs on the vehicles. Individuals operating the trucks comically wore yellow “hard hat” headgear.

The vehicles were part of a paramilitary force known as the Worker-Peasant Red Guards Unit. Tractors were also seen towing rocket launchers. Allegedly, the nation deployed similar missile displays in parades two years ago. It goes without saying that due to the strict Marxist ideology and totalitarian nature of life in North Korea, the public is fanatical. In the event of an all-out war, these trucks and other civilian vehicles or machines are clearly able to be transformed into military weapons.

North Korea also has a “civilian defense” force; in other words, it may very well be that the entirety of the nation’s public is prepared to be mobilized in a military capacity. This is not the first time in recent weeks that North Korea has attempted to position itself aggressively. On August 31st, the nation launched simulated nuclear missiles against South Korea.

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