North Korea Claims New Spy Satellite Photographed the Pentagon

( – North Korea has claimed a technological win with the recent launch of a surveillance satellite in orbit. North Korean news agency submitted that their leader Kim Jong Un had seen images of the Pentagon, White House, and U.S. aircraft carriers docked in Norfolk.

At present, they’ve failed to release any of these supposed images leaving their existence in question. North Korea has claimed the ability to photograph South Korean military bases and cities, as well as territory in Guam, Italy, and Washington, D.C.

South Korea delayed the launch of its spy satellite riding a U.S. Falcon 9 rocket into orbit due to weather concerns, it was previously set to fly on November 30th.

The Pentagon has thus far refrained from commenting on the claims by Pyongyang though they did confirm that the satellite entered orbit.

When asked directly Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder told those gathered that “there are plenty” of digital images on the internet of the White House and Pentagon.

Satellite imagery expert Dave Schmerler with the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies suggested that they may have collected images of the areas that they claim, but seeing the images is necessary to speculate on how tactically useful the information is. He said it was a step from “zero to something,” but typically multiple satellites are required to get good information.

Jeffrey Lewis is a colleague of Schmerler’s who suggested that a state news image of Kim looking at images could indicate they’re panchromatic, the image is black and white but is generated using the entire spectrum of visible light.

The North Koreans call the images Kim looked over “major target regions.” The state media claimed he reviewed images of Andersen Air Force Base in Guam and the U.S. shipyard at Norfolk.

The U.S., Japan, and South Korea have condemned the launch as a violation of international law as the U.N. Security Council prohibits the use of ballistic missile technology by all but a select few nations.

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